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For the first time ever, Thomas & Uber Cup will take place together in Europe when the world’s men’s and women’s national team championships are held in Aarhus. Thomas & Uber Cup is one of the biggest events in the sport of badminton and the preparations are well under way.


In May 2020, Thomas & Uber Cup will be played in Europe for the first time ever. From May 16-24 the city of Aarhus will host this historical event where the Danish men’s national team for sure will try to reclaim the Thomas Cup trophy from 2016. Hopefully, both the men’s and women’s team can give the Danish crowd some memorable and amazing badminton experiences.

Regardless the performances on court, Thomas & Uber Cup in Aarhus will give people the opportunity to try badminton on their own. Both in traditional manners but also in a new way. In this specific case, we talk about AirBadminton. A brand-new way to play badminton, which will be take part in different locations in Aarhus. It is going to be a celebration for everybody, for the grand as for small, young as old – everyone can join us.

– As we do in Odense at the DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR, we want to unite every part of the badminton sport in Aarhus. At the same time, we want to enable the citizens in Aarhus as well as the city’s guests to make the acquaintance of the badminton sport in the city life, where they get the chance to grab a racquet themselves at different pop up-activities, Badminton Denmark’s chief executive, Bo Jensen, says.

It will be at different locations around Aarhus, that the badminton sport truly will be showing its versatility. With BWF’s newly developed concept of playing, AirBadminton, badminton will now very much be possible playing outside. While net and racquet can be the same as for indoor badminton, the BWF has developed a new wind tolerant shuttle, that can switch the main beam to more relatable badminton than with a traditional nylon shuttlecock.

– We are very much looking forward to displaying AirBadminton to both the badminton enthusiasts out there as well as everybody else. Hopefully, this new concept can generate some energetic and entertaining settings and surroundings out and about in Aarhus, says Bo Jensen.

Also, different culinary experiences will be made available at the square in front of Ceres Arena in Aarhus where the championships are played. Here, the entrance will be transformed into a genuine festival site with food trucks and stands to satisfy every single taste bud before it’s the time to cheer inside the hall.

A buzzing atmosphere inside the arena will be helped along by a vary of local school classes, that will participate in a competition, each class choosing a country (men’s or women’s national team) to cheer for during the preliminaries. The class providing the best “cheer show” during the group showdowns wins a prize for the class till.

Furthermore, the classes participate in a school badminton tournament prior to the Thomas & Uber Cup in May, just as a youth team tournament will be played during the world championships.

All of it in order to make Aarhus a city of sheer badminton and smiles as well as promoting badminton in Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world.

– No doubt, we, our partners and our volunteers have a long and tough period ahead of us. Only jointly, we can create a great event here on Danish soil, that also reaches out into the world. I feel entirely confident, though, that we can achieve this together. There is no doubt that it is grand for a country such as Denmark organizing DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR, the next eldest international badminton tournament in the world and ranged as one of the eight greatest in the world. We can truly be proud of this and surely profit of when it comes to gaining experience. However, the Thomas & Uber Cup is simply the greatest because it gives us the chance to cheer for Denmark as a national team on home soil. This gives an entirely different sense of community, which we will give our very best to support in order to make our men’s and women’s national teams really feel like playing at home as well as making the Danes sense that this great event is unfolding in Denmark for the very first time in history, says Bo Jensen.

The ticket sale for Thomas & Uber Cup opens Thursday October 17th at DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR. Initially, the tickets will solely be sold physically – meaning that it will only be possible purchasing a ticket in the ticket office in Odense Idrætshal during DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR.

Friday November 1st. the tickets will be up for online sale at ticketmaster.dk.

You can read much more on Thomas & Uber Cup 2020 on www.denmark2020.dk.

Badminton Denmark, Aarhus Event, Sport Event Denmark and BWF look forward to seeing you in 2020.